Já hf‘s User terms and conditions regarding Já Takk!

1.General Terms.

SThese terms apply to the use of buyers of Já takk! on the web ww.ja.is, run by Já hf. id.no 430805-0530, address Álfheimar 74, 104 Reykjavík (hereafter referred to as „Já“). By agreeing to the terms and/or using the service, the user confirms that he has read the terms, studied them fully and accepted in full.

„Seller“ is a company that offers sales opportunities for defined goods or services to be sold through Já Takk! on www.ja.is.

„Buyer“ is the person who accepts the offer of the seller on Já takk!

2.Nature of the service, liability etc.

Já Takk! is a platform on www.ja.is so sellers can promote themselves and sell credit letters for their products or services to the buyer.

Authorization for the use of the credit letter depends entirely on the contractual relationship concluded between the seller and the buyer, including the agreement the seller and buyer enter through the offer made by the seller and accepted by the buyer and Já is not part of that relationship in any way. Information about product or services, terms, etc. published on www.ja.is is therefore published by the seller and is in every way the seller‘s responsibility. The seller is also responsible in every way for fulfilling the contract made with the buyer, including the quality of the product or service. Já bears no responsibility whatever for the contractual fulfilment of the seller to the buyer. Já‘s only obligation towards the buyer is to transfer the credit letter to the buyer in accordance with article 3. in the terms. If a credit letter has to be sent again, that is the responsibility of the seller. Já, is as described above, never co-liable with the seller in the trade between the buyer and the seller, and is only an intermediary, as defined in paragraph 4, Article 1 in laws number 48/2003 about consumers.

3. Purchase and payment

If the buyer uses Já takk! the buyer fills out the information asked for and is then moved to Valitor‘s secure payment site where the buyer can enter the necessary payment information to be able to pay the seller for a credit letter. The buyer will then be sent the credit letter in an email from Já.

4. Privacy policy

All the processing and treatment of personal data Já has is according to law no.77/200 about personal data, with later amendments.